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Kachin Diabetes Solution Review

If you are having Type 2 Diabetes, you probably know that it can get really annoying when you are constantly having to look out for what you are eating. Much like you, i have also suffered from severe Type 2 Diabetes caused by me being overweight (as the doctors said). When i heard from the doctors that i have Diabetes i got extremely terrified and was afraid for my life and the life of my family. What would be like if i die too soon and my kids will grow up without a father? That was something that constantly was going through my mind.

But the doctors have also said that there are ways that you reverse your Type 2 Diabetes, well they only said you can reverse it with a good diet and some cardio along the way, but they didn't give me any meal plan or anything like this, which baffled me. Once i returned home, i researched the internet for various information on how to reverse type 2 diabetes. Turns out that there are a lot of guides out there that are supposed to help you in this process. One that stood out to me was the Kachin Diabetes Solution – Which is what we are talking about today. I have been testing this program for the last 6 months and i have some great news for all you Type 2 Diabetes Users that are looking for a way to reverse your Diabetes. Here goes my Kachin Diabetes Solution Review!

What is the Kachin Diabetes Solution and who created it?

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Kacin Diabetes Solution Review

The Kachin Diabetes Solution was created by John Gootridge. In his introduction he says that he has been suffering from diabetes as well. He was fed up with the misinformation that has been on the internet for a long time and has decided to try out lots of things to cure/reverse his diabetes and write everything down on paper. Once he finally found his solution he decided to meet up with doctors and started to create the Kachin Diabetes Solution in order to finally give people an awesome product that can help everyone with Type 2 Diabetes. More on this later in my Kachin Diabetes Solution Review.

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John Gootridge – The Creator of the Kachin Diabetes Solution

What does the Book include?

When you buy the Kachin Diabetes Solution you will recieve 3 books:

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Kachin Diabetes Solution Review

The Main Program has 13 Chapters which covers all sorts of topics around Type 2 Diabetes including what is causing diabetes, how sugar affects our body, the hidden truths about sugar, weight loss and dieting for people with diabetes, the infamous kachin diet and much much more goodies. Here is a brief overview of what you will get to see in the book (Note: This is not everything in the book, you only see 5 Chapters on this screenshot!)

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Table of Contents

I think one of the great things that the Kachin Diabetes Solution has is their refund policy – If you are not satisfied with their product you can refund your purchase withing 60 days and get all your money back. That just tells you that they are very serious about their product and really believe in it. And i do too. But here is now my Kachin Diabetes Solution Review.

My Review on the Kachin Diabetes Solution

I bought the Kachin Diabetes Solution in late 2019, i think it was around December 20th or something. I knew that i had to change my life if i wanted to live longer and get rid of my high bloodsugar levels and potentially lose weight. However, it was just so difficult for me to find any motivation in the beginning as i didn't really know where to begin with. For 2 months i haven't even touched the book and didn't read it. After i went to the doctors for a diabetes i was shocked. My blood sugar levels went through the roof and the doctors told me that i really needed to start with my diet or else i could die within 5 years. That was enough for me.

After the doctors visit i immediately started to read the Kachin Diabetes Solution and i think i went through the whole book in 1 week, haha! It basically tells you lots of different things about diabetes, how you ended up getting it, why some people get it and some don't and ultimately how you can fix it. Just take a note here.. i was at a very low point in my life at this stage because i really believed the doctors when they told me, i had only 5 years to live. Anyways, i was motivated to make a change in my life for the better so i started to apply the various techniques and lessons, i have learned in this book.

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Working out

The great thing about the book is, that it gives you a complete workout plan and an action plan on how you can start to work out and slowly increase your time working out. The other 2 books (Fitness Guide and the recipes) also have great tips on how you can improve your life in that aspect and slowly shift from a fatty diet to a healthy diet that will benefit you in the long run. When i was reading the book at the first time i weighted 263 pounds. So i guess you can tell, i wasn't really the most “healthy guy”. I also had this fog in my head all the time, when i was talking with my doctor about this, he said that it comes from the Fatty and Processed Food i was eating.

So i just decided to start, working out every day for about 30 minutes with a plan that was provided in the book, and started to cook healthy meals with my family that were provided in the Diabetes Reverse Recipes. I have been doing this for 1 month and went back to the doctors to check on my A1C Level – When i got the results i couldn't believe it! I went from 10,1% down to 8,4% in just one month! And on top of that, i also lost 12 lbs of weight! – When i arrived home and told it my wife, she started to cry and say to me “Babe, its working – You are getting better!” – This motivated me even more to continue on my journey to reverse my type 2 diabetes.

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Happy Couple

From February to July i really started to step my game up, i probably read all of the Kachin Diabetes Solution Books 10 times. The information started to become ingrained in my head – In April i was working out atleast 1 hour a day and cooking healthy foods along with some snacks when i got hungry during the meals. The Kachin Diabetes Solution really helps you in that perspective as it provides you with a solution for everything that you will encounter on your journey when reversing Type 2 Diabetes.

Throughout these 5-6 months i have not been weighting myself and my last visit to the doctor was in February. My next checkup would've been in Mid. July. – So i put in the extra work, not knowing if it really would pay off or not.

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Blood Samples

So July rolled around and i had my checkup at my doctors office – I was really, really nervous. I didn't know if i actually suceeded in reversing my diabetes. I sure lost a lot of weight, but that wasn't my “official goal” – My goal was to reverse my diabetes. The waiting for my results took forever and then finally my doctor came in with a big smile. He showed me the reports and i started to cry as i was reading them. A1C went down from 8.4% to 5.8% and i have lost over 60 pounds. Unbelieveable. Absolutely unbelieveable for me – As i am writing this i still get goosebumps thinking about it. My doctor told me i did not have to take any medication anymore and we could slowly decrease it. He also stated that i am on good way of getting rid of my Type 2 Diabetes condition completely if i continued with my exercise and diet.

I couldn't put it into words and i am so thankful to Mr. Goodridge for creating this awesome guide. This has turned my life around 180° degrees and i am not sure how to put in words. I wrote Mr. Goodridge a eMail thanking him and he replied a week later, saying that he is happy that it helped me and wishes me good luck on my path. Just unbelieveable! I feel so happy and energized! I hope that with my Kachin Diabetes Solution Review i can inspire others to do the same thing with their life!

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Happy and Fullfilling

My Final Verdict

When it comes to reversing type 2 diabetes the key is losing weight and changing your diet to a healthy one. This is easier said than done and without a solid structured plan you are almost guaranteed to fail. I have been researching for a good plan for some weeks and only found the Kachin Diabetes Solution the most useful. The reason for that is because it provides you with a structured mealplan and fitness plan that you can easily apply at home in order to reverse your diabetes.

Plus, it also gives you 2 extra books that give you specific exercises and recipes that you can do at home in order to save time, money and help you reverse your type 2 diabetes fast and in a healthy way. When you are lacking motivation to work out or just don't have enough courage to take the first steps in reversing your type the diabetes than this is the product for you. Just reading it, gives you a motivation boost to succeed. I can say this for certain, as i am probably one of the most laziest persons you have ever met and i got really motivated to change my life to the better.

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Kachin Diabetes Solution Review

I can not express how grateful i am to have discovered this great product, but i encourage to try it out yourself if you are ready to make a huge change in your life. It will definitely benefit you in the long run and if you are applying the strategies that are stated in the books, you can ultimately reverse your type 2 diabetes and live a longer and healthier life. That is my final verdict and my Kachin Diabetes Solution Review, and i hope i could give you a great insight on this and i also hope that you have found motivation to try it out yourself and change your life to the better. It will help you!

If you got interested in purchasing the Kachin Diabetes Solution you can click on the button below in order to get to their page. They have even more information on the product and tons of good testimonials from happy users all over the world.

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