Is it worth the money or just a scam? A full detailed Acne No More Review!

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Acne No More Review

When you have landed on this page you are probably looking for reviews for a particular product called “Acne No More” – It's a guide created by Mike Walden. He created this guide for people that have a problem or a severe problem with acne and look for a permanent solution to fix their acne problem. My wife Amanda has had a Acne Problem as well. It's not fun having scars all over your face and evergrowing pimples that just make you wanna stay inside for the rest of your life because you feel insecure about your face. Below you will see a picture of what it was in 2019 before we tested “Acne No More”

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My Wife Amanda has done a lot of things on her face, including buying the best called “Creams against acne” that haven't helped anything – Sometimes the acne got even worse, when she was using these products. With my wifes ever-growing sadness i decided to take it into my own hands and researched on the internet for helpful guides and e-books that can help to fix acne for good. I came across lots of people that said that acne is not fixable and that Sephoa is good and she should try some of their acne creams.

However, the problem behind this is that everybody has a different skin type. Some creams might work for Person A, but they can make the problem worse for Person B – So i continued my search, looking for anything that everyone could use, something that doesn't involve costly operations or creams that you would have to purchase monthly to see the benefit. Then i came across Acne No More – A guide written by Mike Walden in which he claims he can help you with your acne problem. Because i was curious i decided to read further into it and ultimately purchased it for my wife.

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In the guide you will find a step by step guide to remove your acne without the need of any lotion, pills or creams. It also claimed to permanently cure your acne within 2 months and remove most types of scars and acne marks. So in short, it would solve all your problems regarding acne. That almost seemed to good to be true, but before i wanted to click right on the X button and close the page, i decided to read some more. I stumbled across some Acne No More Reviews on the website and was amazed how people were rating this product. Almost every single person had something positive to report about this product. I was baffled seeing that the price was only around 37$ for the complete guide. I decided to grab my credit card and buy it. An amazing decision i would never regret and something that would made my wife very happy in the upcoming days and weeks!

Upon purchasing this product i almost immediately recieved a eMail from the Acne No More Creator with my guide attached in the eMail – Extremely fast delivery i must say! I told my wife that i bought a guide for her, and at first she was a little bit mad and angry at me but she still wanted to give it a shot, so we decided to read it together. It's a 220 long page guide and it took us about a week to get through the entire guide and make some first tests. So what exactly was in the book?

What is in the Acne No More Book written?

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When we first glanced over the guide we were amazed by how detailed it was written and how much effort Mr Walden has actually put into writing this guide. It is extremely informational and it features some great information regarding acne, how its made, what the real science behind acne is, how it gets created and finally the solution. Acne No More provides you with a Step-By-Step Treatment Program that can treat and ultimatelly fix your acne problem. It also discusses some other problems and solutions, such as the best 10 foods that can treat acne versus the worst 10 foods that can cause acne.

In the guide written there is not only 1 solution against acne, but multiple ways of how you can win the battle against acne on your face. We were surprised by some approaches and solutions that Mike Walden wrote in the book but decided to try it nevertheless. My wife, at this point, was over her acne anyways. She was happy with trying anything that could help her solve her acne problem for good. And so we decided to try out some of the tips and tricks he mentioned in this book. Mike Walden speaks about a 7 Layer Acne Treatment in his guide and covers it in great detail in his book.

The 7 Layer of Acne Treatment by the Acne No More Guide

The First Layer – Regulation of your Hormones:

In the first layer, Mike Walden talks about the secret tip on how you can stop the overproduction of your homones in your body – You see, one of the primary reasons why people suffer so bad from acne is a hormone imbalance in the body. In this layer you will learn all about hormone imbalances and how you can help your body to stop the overproduction of hormones in a healthy way.

The Second Layer – The Bad Food You Eat Daily:

We were amazed. A lot of food that Mike Walden has listed in the second layer, my wife Amanda actually consumed. So we decided to make a list with food that she wanted to stop consuming. In this layer Mike Walden has created a huge list with food that is not only bad your diet but also increases the chance of your body producing hormones which end up producing the acne that we all hate.

The Third Layer – Changing your Lifestyle:

Here, Mike Walden goes in great detail of how our lifestyle and what we choose to eat will result in a Person getting more or less acne. He also gives you recommendations on how you can easily give yourself the motivation to life a better lifestyle without getting burnt out along the way and ultimatelly live a happy and healthier life.

The Fourth Layer – Good Foods You Can Eat Daily:

In this layer, Mike Walden discusses the best foods that you can eat in order to have a healthy balance of hormone production in your body. It will not only ultimatelly help you with hormone production, but can also help you, if you want to lose weight or stay fit. In the list that Mike Walden has compiled, there are lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. These are less toxic than processed foods and can help your body to fight the acne.

The Fifth Layer – Strategies to ultimatelly fight Acne:

Probably my favorite layer of all of the whole guide. Mike Walden goes into great detail with clinically proven strategies that can help you fix your acne problem forever – This strategy will flash out the toxics from your body – When your body does not have the proper way of elimination of toxics then it will almost always result in pesky acne on your face – This layer covers it all in great detail and will definitely help you.

The Sixth Layer – External Factors to help you prevent Acne:

We were surprised on how other factors, outside of our body can help the creation of acne. This layer describes in great detail how other factors in our body can produce acne. For example – Without us even knowing we almost always have a little bit of dirt on our face as Mike Walden describes it. In this segment he covers on how he managed to find a method to close down the opened pores to prevent dirt from entering the open pores and prevent a acne breakout.

The Seventh Layer – The Ultimate Secret to Stop Acne for Good:

We won't get into much detail here, but you can mark my words when i say, Mike Walden is good – Very good! In the seventh and last layer of this 7 Layer Guide he describes the ultimate treatment for all types of acne that can help everyone. And we were just amazed by how easy it is to recreate this. Just amazing.

My & My Wifes Experience with Acne No More

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So after reading the entire guide and book we decided to give it a shoot. Together with my wife we started to write down foods that we're unhealthy in Layer #2 and started to replace with foods that were covered in Layer #4 – After eating those foods, we both had a better mind after a couple of weeks, i can only describe it as it wasn't as foggy in my mind anymore. That's the only way of how i can describe it accurately. Eating those foods that were covered in Layer #4 gave me some much needed energy that i definitely need as a software engineer throughout the day. It also helped me reduce my coffeine intake and my Wife lost 12 pounds just by changing up her diet. But that was only one good thing so far that we've got out of this.

After following the diet plan we decided to try out some of the strategies for my wife that Mike Walden has listed to cure acne for good – There are several ways of how you can treat acne accordingly and Mike Walden has them all described in detai, in his 220 Page Book – So we went ahead and tried them all out – And the result was just outstanding!! After just 2 weeks after my wife has started the peeling that is described in the book, she noticed that she had less acne than before – It wasn't all gone, but it was a significant difference than what she has previously been suffering with. For every month we decided to try out new strategies that were laid out in the guide and i must say that all of them work flawlessly! Some better than others, but as Mike Walden describes it, every skin is different so they all react differently – But there is defintely something for everyone in this guide that can help cure acne for good this time.

We continued to follow the other layers and our diet plan and after 2 months of peelings, the ultimate secret from Layer #7 and a healthy diet my wife has been acne free – One morning she got up, was looking in the mirror and started crying when she saw, that she had no acne on her face anymore – Even the scars that have been there previously were gone. She was now acne free and got the energy again, to go outside without feeling weird or getting weird looks from other people. I was so happy for my wife and i can't believe that a little guide that only costs 37$ can outperform costly creams that cost way more than this great book written by Mike Walden.

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Check out my wife's transformation!

My Verdict

My wife is as happy as she can be. She has been reading the book for more than 5 times now and is now on here sixth read. She has been cotinuesly applying the methods and guides in the book and her last acne outbreak was in 2019, so about 1 year ago. This is also the time when we have purchased the Acne No More Book – Never in my mind, i would have imagined a guide to be that informational and great in detailing how to deal with acne accordingly. With a smiling face i can only say “Thank you Mr Walden. Thank you for making me and my wife happy again and solving her acne problem for good – We would donate money to you if we could!”. There is not much more i can do for Mr. Walden but only write my insightful review on this product. 🙂

As you can probably read from the above sentences. My wife has been pretty upset and sad with her acne in the previous years. She suffered from anxiety and didn't wanna go outside anymore because she was fearful that people would judge her because of the scars she had on her face and the acne. The book solved her acne problem and also made her lose some weight with a strict diet plan full of vegetables and fruits. So if you are in the need of an urgent fix for your acne, then i HIGHLY RECOMMEND the book Acne No More – It goes into great detail of how acne gets created and how you can deal with it, without expensive lotions or creams you need to buy in the process.

All you have to do is get the eBook for a whopping 37$ and you can start right off reading it and applying the methods that will definitely help you! I am sure you will also be amazed by the results it will have on your skin. The great thing about this is that Mr Walden is so sure of his success that he has a 60-Days Money Back Guarantee on all of his help books including this “Acne No More” Book – That means that if you think that its not worth the 37$ (which it definitely is, in my opinion), then you can request a refund and he will give you all your money back. So you are not losing anything, by just trying it out – I can almost for certain guarantee, that it will work for you as well!

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You can click the link to check out the product for yourself – They have an awesome website with a video that explains how it exactly works!

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