Who am I exactly?

My name is Alexander Timop, but my friends call me “Alex” – I am working as a software engineer and have 3 beautiful kids and an amazing wife! I am 49 years old, so i am approaching the 50's rapidly 🙂 – Born and living in Michigan, a great state that i just love! Throughout my life, i have made experience in several job fields and have also worked in the oil industry, clothing industry and the mechanics (specifically cars) industry. Software Engineering was however something i discovered later in my life and became my main focus as i am writing this – It's always great to create something from scratch and with coding you can do this! Lets not get too far into coding as not everyone likes this, haha! – Anyways, my coding path has also led me to some problems along my journey. Unfortunately i always was overweight and had bad posture while sitting on the computer- Therefore i have had tremendous back problems in my late 40's which are still there to some extent (but almost gone) – I tested several programs and read books to fix this and finally found a great solution after many misinformation and failed programs on the internet – If you are curious you can read it here.

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As Hobbies, i like to try out new stuff, i am into fishing and nascar racing – In my free time i also like to spend time with my kids and watch them while they play sports, my kids are 4, 12 and 15 years old – I have 1 boy and 2 girls – These little cuties are my everything! I also like to review stuff (such as various systems and e-books), which is part of the reason why i have created this website.